My first day of college “experience”

Hey everyone, so I started my first day of college in late September, and boy how time has flown by since I’ve started. my experience so far has been extremely wonderful and I’m having a great time with college. Honestly, I didn’t know what to expect when I first showed up but it kind of feels like high school all over again. People just walking around, going to their classes, on their phones, talking to each other and socializing with each other. I think the main difference between college and high school is that you have to pay attention & you have to want to be there to make it a fun experience. The funny thing is is that I never really thought that I would ever go to college but here I am and I’m actually loving it!

Going to college is something that I’ve been wanting to do after I got injured but unfortunately I couldn’t go because I didn’t have a high school diploma and I just didn’t have the physical stamina to go sit for hours in a classroom. I said to myself, I need to get my GED & I need to find the stamina to go and sit in the classroom and get this thing done. I told myself if I really want to go to college I need to change my lifestyle up such as eating patterns and to stop taking certain medications. Having a spinal cord injury you take a lot of medications that kind of mess your body up & make things unpredictable. I looked at some of these medications and thought to myself look at the side effects and do I benefit off of them & the answer to that was no.

Spinal cord injury comes with a multitude of problems as you know the first problem is that you can’t move your body ha ha but there are lots of other problems that most people don’t know about such as bladder and bowel issues and a lot of damn pain! I made the switch to stop taking pain medication and certain bladder medication and my life has been amazing ever since. I feel as if I have control of my body again in a small way. Now that I have a little bit more freedom since my changes of medication & diet, I can now go to college and experience this American Dream that many people don’t get to take part in or just take for granted. I say this because I know what it’s like to have one foot in the grave. Looking back, college was the last thing on my mind because survival was literally a day-to-day struggle. I remember laying in my hospital bed in the ICU thinking I’m 17 years old and my life is over. I thought to myself what the hell is going to happen to me? I thought of all the things that I would never get to experience. where does a 17 year old quadriplegic fit in the world? This is just a glimpse into my thoughts after being newly injured and being so unsure about my future. but eventually I had to make a choice to find purpose, find meaning and my own happiness….and here I am!

College has been really fun, I only took one class just to see how I would do in college and to see if I was physically up to the task. I didn’t even know if I was going to like college. I could have went and hated it but I’m glad that’s not the case. I’ve got to say all has been good and I just knock on wood that everything keeps going well. I decided to take a criminal justice course because it was something that interests me and not being in school for 9 years I thought by taking something interesting to me, it would make me want to stay in school. I didn’t want to start off taking something that I wasn’t going to like and ruin my college experience. I didn’t want anything to derail me on the thought of college in general. Now that I’ve completed my first semester I’m really excited to go back in and take more classes.

Currently, I’m going over some class choices for next semester because I’m not 100% sure on what I want to major in but hopefully everything falls into place in due time. Remember Rome wasn’t built in a day ha ha! I hope you guys enjoyed reading my article and I hope you enjoy watching the video! please be sure to come back and check to see what’s next! PEACE!!!!!

my eight year anniversary injury video!

wow I can’t believe it’s been 8 years since I broke my neck time flies when you’re having fun. I sustained a spinal cord injury on June 4th 2011. my life has been crazy kind of like a rollercoaster it’s had its up and downs. I would have never imagined that I would be bound to a wheelchair but that doesn’t mean that my life has to stop. I strive to do so much in my life and become someone. Hopefully do something important in life. I hope you enjoy this video and if you like this check out more of my videos on YouTube and like And subscribe!