Hey I have a video coming out tomorrow about things I miss doing before my injury & I got an awesome haircut and it looks super awesome! So hope you stay tuned and here’s a little bit more information on the topic.

Yo what’s up everybody I hope you all have been well and enjoying the new year so far. The last week I’ve been busy cleaning up my room and putting stuff in storage because unfortunately it is time for me to move out from our current location and find a new place to call home. So me and my mom have been discussing on what to pack first and how to do it so, we went to the Home Depot and bought five huge plastic bins. I went to get a haircut about four days ago and wow it’s probably the best haircut I’ve gotten so far! I’m really digging this new haircut & style. To be honest I think I look extremely handsome haha! I’m gonna link some pictures in the bottom of this article so you guys can check them out for yourself or you can check out my Facebook and their on there as well. Oh and by the way if there’s any modeling agencies out there that needs somebody, I’m open for business!

So tomorrow I’m going to release a video about things I miss doing before my spinal cord injury. This is a topic that is always going through my mind, not because I want to make a video out of it but, out of me missing a lot of the things I can’t do anymore and I want to share them with you guys. So I wrote a couple of them down and I’m gonna give a brief summary of of each topic that I bring up so you can get a better understanding of where my thinking process is at so you feel like you’re there with me. During my short time preinjury I was a very active person. I played all different types of sports for a team and recreationally and I was always outside hanging out, riding my bike, doing all different types of things. I miss riding my bike and feeling the wind hit my face and hearing the local kids playing in the park and just the ambience of being outside. Also I was an actor and a model before my injury when I was a kid and I really enjoyed doing it. But I quit bcuz I wanted to be a kid and not be working as a young adult. I wanted to experience my childhood and life in general. I had planned to get back into acting and modeling after high school because it is a very schedule heavy requirement to be on call to get into New York City. Being an actor/model was a really big dream for me and I feel like it was taken away from me but it’s still a big dream of mine to become an actor or model and definitely something I still can do I just need to meet the right people.

There’s a lot of things that I feel people take for granted and to be honest they should because no one is ever expected to have simple things taken away from them like bowel and bladder or not having the use of your arms hands or legs, It’s part of the deal when you’re born LOL. So not having accessibility as I once did, of course things from my past are in the back of my mind and whenever I get a chance to just sit back and relax a lot of those memories come to mind. Sometimes when I think of my past I could be happy but at other times I get upset because I miss those times. But anyway you get the point and just look out for the video tomorrow it’ll probably be released later on in the day but also I want people to understand what they have is amazing and they should cherish what they have and never take simple things in life for granted because they can be taken away from you in the blink of an eye. IMG_0504.JPGIMG_0506 (2).JPGIMG_0505 (2).JPGIMG_0500 (2).JPG

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