How I play video games as a quadriplegic +my new twitch channel!

Hey what’s up everybody, I hope you are all doing well. Today’s video is about how I play video games as a quadriplegic and what my twitch channel is about. Now this video is not showing you me playing video games but exactly how I am able to play video games and what I use that makes me able to play video games. I do have a video on my YouTube page playing heroes of the storm so you could check that out if you want to see me actually play. This video is more towards behind the scenes on what it takes to be able to play and the software and mechanics that I use. I really hope that this video can get around to other quadriplegics because I’m still learning when it comes to adaptive technology every so on I stumble across something new that helps me and enables me to be able to play harder and harder games. So if you can please share this video as much as possible I want it to go around like wildfire because I know there’s someone out there suffering who doesn’t know anything about adaptive technology and I’m sure that this would help them A LOT!!!!!!!!

When I first got injured and I was transferred to Kessler I asked my mom to bring in my laptop and sign into my World of Warcraft account so I could just look at my character. That’s how desperate I was to play video games, it is a huge passion of mine throughout my whole life. I always made time to play video games and it hurt me a lot knowing that I would never be able to use my hands or arms again. I thought to myself OMFGGGGG!! I’m never gonna be able to play video games again! What am I going to do! But here I am 6 1/2 years PWNING NOOBS!!!! And RIPPING it up!!!!!!!

It took me a very long time before I was even introduced to the Quad Joy. When I got home I spent three months just watching TV. If I could have hanged myself it would’ve been then. It was about nine months after my injury that I found out about it. Boy oh boy did it change my life. I would spend countless hours playing World of Warcraft, going on the Internet and just searching stuff because I was able to. But as much as I fell in love with the quad joy it had its flaws. Those flaws were not being able to have access to a keyboard, so what I did was I started using a on-screen keyboard which again is a huge help but it still has its flaws because you can’t use your mouse and click on the keyboard at the exact same time. So it makes it very difficult to play. But I managed to keep up with some of the best people in my guild, at the time there were some boss fights that I was terrible at but that’s not the point, at least I was there. At this time World of Warcraft cataclysm was out, when the expansion was a couple months from being over I was 8/8 heroic in Dragon soul! I was in one of the best guilds on my server. My character was loaded with epics!!! I was only missing two or three items from being best in slot in the whole game!

But like all good things they come to an end. I wanted to branch out and try different games because I was bored of WoW. So I started playing League of Legends and at this time I had no idea what this game was but it peaked my interest. I found myself to be a very good jungler and I mained Hecarim. I played this game for a little over a year and yet again I was extremely bored of it solely because I was restricted on which heroes I could play due to my physical inabilities. So a couple years go by and I find out about buttons that I can lay on my lap that I can macro certain keys to and these changed my gaming skills to a complete 180! I wanted to keep playing this genre of game which is famously known as a “MOBA” but I wanted something a little easier. Then it happened Blizzard had announced that they were coming out with a game called Heroes of the Storm and at first glance I fell in love! Once I heard about it I immediately went and signed up for the Alpha. Luckily I was chosen to be part of the first wave of Alpha invites and I was so firkin happy! I still didn’t have the buttons but it was a much easier game to play and I could play most of the heroes. Like a year later I found out about these buttons that I could put on my lap and the rest is history, I am a beast now! (I forgot the name of these buttons but it’s on a website and I’m going to try and get the name) So later on I discovered something called voice attack and it’s a voice recognition software and this also helped me a lot but everything I am writing here is pretty much in the video I’m just going into little bit more detail about my gaming past. I hope you like and enjoy this video! Please share!!!!!!

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