Hot dog eating contest and donations

Hey what’s up everybody So AT&T put together a hot dog eating contest for me at one of their corporate buildings in Bedminster New Jersey and wow it was super amazing! So basically what I mean is there were 10 contestants to eat hot dogs and people that work at AT&T and all over the world pledged money on each of the contestants, so basically they had sponsors and depending on how many hot dogs that person ate Is how much money would go towards the fundraiser. The fundraiser went really well and it was a lot of fun I’d say there were probably like between 150 and 200 people in the audience maybe even more roooting for the contestants eating hot dogs.

I can’t believe that AT&T put this together for me and big thanks to Sal and Linda and everybody that helped put this together and my friend, my teacher, and mentor, Ben and I would also like to thank Danielle! Watching every body eat hot dogs was so much fun it was really a great time and everybody was just happy, laughing, cheering, and chatting with each other. To be honest I don’t know how they were able to eat so many hot dogs 4 out of the 10 people ate 11 hot dogs each! I don’t know how they went back to work after eating all those hot dogs because it was at lunch time. I would’ve probably thrown up at the fifth hotdog and there was no way I would’ve went back to work. I probably would need to go home and take a nap after all that ha ha. Also my moms birthday was November 6 and my birthday is November 8 and the hot dog eating contest was the 9th and they surprised me and my mom with a big birthday cake and they sang happy birthday to us I felt like I was with a family 0f people who cared deeply about me and my mom, they definitely showed that they care!

I felt bad for Ben and Avian because At the end they both look like they were about to puke, but in the end they were fine. I was more excited for this hot dog eating contest then I was for my own birthday LOL. It’s not every day your excited for something other than your birthday..I’m still shocked that this was able to be put together and be so much fun. I’m just shocked that people who don’t even know me from a hole in the wall really care and did this for me. You definitely can feel the love in the room.  I would like to thank everyone who has donated towards my foundation, your money is being put to use in all the right places. There is no words that I can say on how I feel and I am extremely humbled by this. Also I have some pictures here that you guys can check out,hope you like them and I’m going to create a video about this event so stay tuned and thank you!  IMG_0714.JPGIMG_0731.JPGIMG_0727.JPGIMG_0726.JPGIMG_0724.JPGIMG_0723.JPGIMG_0722.JPGIMG_0721.JPGIMG_0719.JPGIMG_0720.JPGIMG_0725.JPGIMG_0728.JPG

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