Happy Halloween!

Hey what’s up everyone I know I haven’t Blogged or posted a video in a couple weeks but I just want to say happy Halloween, and I’ve just been really busy lately. I’ve been doing a lot of speaking events and I was also sick for like a week. My aunt was here from Louisiana like two weeks ago and we went pumpkin picking and we also carved some pumpkins so I have a video of that. So what I’m gonna do today is create that video for you guys so you can see where we went and what we did. So today is Halloween and I hope everyone has a fun Halloween and safe, because there’s crazy people out there ha ha. Just remember to be responsible and to know your surroundings and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

So my plans for Halloween are just to sit home and give out candy to the kids that are gonna come by, which at this point aren’t many in this day in age. I know last year we had a decent amount of people come to the door but the year before that not many at all and it’s kind of a sad thing because it’s like Halloween is a dying tradition. I remember being a kid during Halloween it was a really big deal, there was tons of people going door-to-door, and people actually decorated for Halloween. Nowadays you don’t even see people decorate anymore Which is sad in my eyes because I remember going to peoples houses and being extremely scared because they set up like this whole maze of spooky stuff inside and we even decorated our house to like the scariest house on the block. I miss setting up my house for Halloween and scaring everyone that comes to the door, those were the good old days. We would set our house up so nice for Halloween we would have all different scary monsters and all different types of spiders and webbing on the bushes, we even had a floating evil fortuneteller head.that would tell you your fortune ha ha, setting that thing up was kind of a pain but it was definitely a lot of fun! Also we had the tombstones all over the front yard with like the skeletons coming out of it and the best thing is having the smoke machine that was a lot of fun.

I hope everyone has a really good Halloween and dress warm because it’s kind of cold out ha ha. I’m going to get started on making this video in a little bit and once it’s done I’ll post it on my YouTube page and also on here so you guys can enjoy it.



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