I went fishing for the first time after my injury!

Hey everyone I went fishing with my grandpa some of his friends but I also made a video out of it. I have some really awesome, beautiful pictures of the lake and the sky. You can actually see the reflection of the clouds in the lake I mean I couldn’t believe these pictures and there in the video. We also took some pictures of me my grandpa’s friends casting their reels and we just had a good time reminiscing I hope you enjoy this video and remember to check out my YouTube and my Facebook and my twitter!

I used to be a pretty avid Fisher and I haven’t gone since even before my injury. I think the last time I actually went fishing I was like 16 but I used to go all the time I would actually go stream fishing with my dad and that’s a whole other style of fishing. When you go stream fishing you wear a wetsuit kind of, their called waiters and they go pretty high up your your chest and the purpose of them so you can actually go in the water and fish within this middle of the stream. Which is actually pretty cool and it’s a lot of fun I find it more fun than fishing in a boat or fishing on the side of the lake.

I remember this one time I went fishing in the ocean with my dad and my mom and I didn’t find it to be much fun ha ha I was like I want to be in the water catching fish! So basically when you go out fishing in the ocean it’s called trolling and basically you just put these really big industrial fishing poles in little holes in the side of the boat and you just drive the boat and hope a fish bites your hook, I’m probably explaining this very poorly LOL you’re probably better off googling it ha ha.

I find stream fishing to be extremely relaxing and it soothes your mind it’s just you the water and the fish. You also catch way more fish, it’s a ton of fun I recommend you try it! But you need to be extremely careful when you go stream fishing because even if the water looks shallow it might drop 10 feet and you can’t even tell, so if you do end up going stream fishing make sure to be extremely responsible and go with someone that has some type of knowledge in stream fishing because if your waiters fill up with water your pretty-much done, especially if the current is strong you’ll end up downriver. Then you’ll really be sleeping with the fishes. This almost happened to me once, I went to far into the middle of the stream and luckily I was with my dad and he’s a big guy and I was yelling for him and he came and pulled me by the arm and just grabbed me! So thankfully he was there.

But anyway I’m getting sidetracked but even though I couldn’t get in the water I still had a lot of fun and that’s all that matters. No matter what you do in life it’s just about having fun and having a good time with family and friends.

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